Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bottle Cap Collage

like many of my wonderful craft projects I got the idea for this collage from pinterest. the minute i committed to this project i had everyone i know start saving caps for me. i got TONS of caps, they made for a fantastic (and colorful) collage. i didn't limit myself to just soda caps,if you look closely at the pic you can see that i have just about every kind of top/cap: detergent caps, medicine bottle lids, deodorant, marker caps, chapstick caps, nail polish tops, shaving cream lids...... you name it, i glued it.

  • bottle caps/tops
  • canvas
  • spray paint
  • hot glue gun

arranging the caps
  1. i began by spray painting my canvas a lovely Tiffany-esque blue color. obviously you don't have to do this, i just thought the collage would look cooler w/ a colorful background.
  2. i suggest arranging the tops on the canvas before you glue them down
  3. glue down your caps as you see fit.
  4. i didn't want the canvas to be too one-dimension, so i gave it some depth by gluing one cap inside another.


  1. I love how yours turned out! Is the hot glue gun glue holding up? I was afraid the lids would pop off so I used a tone of decoupage glue on mine!

  2. the hot glue has been great! there's a few that have fallen off but that was due to canvas being moved/knocked over. it's hung in my classroom since august and I haven't had any problems!