Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Project Gone Good

Awhile back I saw a great pin on Pinterest that I decided I just had to try. It was such a cool concept:

  1. draw a design on canvas
  2. go over design with hot glue; let dry
  3. paint in design with paint; let dry
  4. use hair dryer to melt hot glue; peel off hot glue
  5. once hot glue is gone there's a lovely design.
BAD NEWS: Steps 4 and 5 do not work. for one, I didn't want to wear my hairdryer out (essential for my hairstyling) and two, it took too damn long! I would have spent hours melting the glue off.

I decided this horrible project needed a turn around ASAP. using some spray paint and a clock kit I turned this disaster into some lovely art. here's the process:

Create your design in pencil. I used a ruler, a lid and a bottle of paint to create the shapes seen on my canvas. Go over design with hot glue.

Paint your design (if you want to try the whole paint-then-remove-glue method). try not to make yours as ugly as mine.
*Spray paint canvas the color of your choice.*

 this is what the clock looked like when I got it from Hobby Lobby (hands not shown). I didn't care for the brass finish so I spray painted the clock and hands white.

 once the clock pieces dried I was ready to put it all together. to add the clock I put a hole through the center of the canvas so I could attach the clock. btw, the clock wasn't easy to put together.

this is the back of the canvas. the clock piece was heavy so I held it in place with tape.
add the clock to the canvas. the clock I had purchased had adhesive on the back but I still used hot glue to make sure it didn't fall off.
the finished product!
I guess I've learned my lesson: nothing you create from Pinterest turns out looking exactly like it did on the Internet. glad I was able to change the outcome of this project.

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