Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rainbow Crackle Manicure

I get really annoyed when I see a cool manicure pin on Pinterest and I click on the picture and there is no link to show me any sort of tutorial on how to accomplish that look. to avoid anyone else's annoyance I will provide a quick tutorial of how I achieved my rainbow crackle manicure.

1. I obviously used a rainbow theme for my colors, you can use any colors.
   Pink: Orly, Va Va Voom
   Orange: Sinful, Cloud 9
   Green: Sally Hansen, Glass Slipper
   Blue: Sinful Shine, Alfresco
   Purple: Nina, Punki Purple
   Black: Fingerpaint, Black Scales.

2. My picture on the left is crappy, but... use a small stripe of each color to pain the rainbow on your nail. any order will do. the way I did mine was to do all one color at one time, for example I'd do the pink (far left) on all nails and then come back and do the next. by the time I'd done all one the nail would be dry enough for the next color.

3. Once your base colors are dry add your black crackle. I like to put black crackle on the tips as well because it drives me nuts if its not covered with polish.

4. add your top coat (duh!).

Voila! you have rainbow nails! be like the Rainbow Fish and share your scales!