Saturday, June 16, 2012


Up close view of the finished product

I was perusing some blogs yesterday and came across some inspiration for my latest project on the Sketch 42 blog. The author of that blog made some kickass splatter paint shoes-- she used plain white TOMs and paint (duh!). Well, I don't have a pair of white TOMs (or other plain white shoes for that matter) lying around, SO I decided to do some splatter paint on a plain 'ole white canvas.

  • paint
  • canvas
  • masking tape
  • brushes
  • dropcloth/large area in which to make a big mess
    • I spread a dropcloth on my deck and did this outside. Most of the paint stayed on the dropcloth, however there were some paint casualities: a few plants and perhaps some outdoor furniture are now a tad bit more colorful...


Before I started painting, I decided that I would put masking tape in random lines across the canvas to make for an interesting looking piece when I was done. I could have used painter's tape but that tape was too wide for my liking...

To create the splatter effect I mixed my paints w/ a little bit of water and then flung the paint at the canvas. Although I had a variety of brushes in my arsenal,  I found that the best brush to use was a thick kid's paintbrush. For the majority of this piece I did just fling the paint at the canvas, but I did take some bottles of neon paint and just dribble/swirl them across the canvas.

Pre-Tape Removal
Wait for the paint to dry, take off your tape and VOILA! you have a beautiful splatter paint creation!

NOTE: GREAT PROJECT FOR KIDS! While I was working on this project my nephew (5 1/2 years old) was working right alongside me doing pretty much the same thing I did. Using the same tape technique (I did it for him) he used 8x10 canvases and made 2 gifts for Father's Day, one for his dad and one for his grandpa. They turned out really cute and of course they loved the paintings! We got really messy but had tons of fun doing this. we will most definitely be doing this again!


  1. Thanks! We had fun making it. I wish I'd taken a picture of the projects my nephew did, they were super cool!