Sunday, November 10, 2013

Superhero Collage For The Man Cave

this year for my brother's birthday I decided to put my crafty skills to good use and make him an awesome collage! the inspiration behind this project is the new "man cave" (of "dude room" as my sister in law prefers to call it) at my brother's house which has a superhero motif. the cost of this project was super-low considering I already had most of the materials in my craft stash and because the superhero pictures came from dollar store calendars. my total was around $4.

  • 2 Superhero calendars from the dollar store; one Spiderman, one Marvel Heroes; same project could be done with princesses (dollar store also has Disney princess calendars)
  • modge podge/brush for application
  • canvas-- I used 16x20
  • newspaper for background
  • scissors
  1. the first thing I did was look at the calendars and determine what pictures I was going to use for the collage
  2. cut up newspaper and use modge podge to apply as background of collage
  3. while the newsprint background was drying, I spent a long time laying out the pictures and deciding where I wanted them to go on the canvas.
  4. use the modge podge again and begin to place the pictures. because I cut around the pictures and used so many I decoupaged in layers to get everything where I wanted it to be.
that's really all there is to it. what I also did was take pictures of my nephew posing as a superhero. I uploaded the pics to my computer and tinted them in complimentary colors to the calendars.



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